Homeless Management Information System

Our HMIS APIs are now complete!

We are the first open source full HMIS data processing system.  We partner with 3rd part app developers to make clever and targeted user interface apps. 

  • We have APIs for each Data Standard version, from 2014 up through 2020.  2005 and 2010 are possible in the future, for full coverage.

HSLynk High Level Data Model

  • Each Data Standard is stored separately, in its original format, not migrated forward with each HUD HMIS Data Standard change, preserving the archival integrity and intent of the original data *as it was really collected*.

  • For reporting with tools like Tableau, Power BI, etc., all data are one-way synced into a read-only Big Data Warehouse.

  • searchable default Big Data Warehouse field list: https://docs.hslynk.com/db/metadata/metadata.html 

  • For longitudinal reporting, we will offer on-the-fly Data Standard version mapping (https://github.com/servinglynk/hslynk-open-source-docs/wiki/Feature:-on-the-fly-HMIS-version-mapping).  So the migrations are done virtually, as data warehouse views, keeping the original data in it's original, unmangled data collection format.

  • We support both HMIS household enrollment and "global" household enrollments.

Our HMIS reports: 

  • our 2020 HMIS Annual Performance Report (APR) report is collection of CSV files, retrievable by apps via APIs, or from the Admin App.

  • 2020 Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) is currently under development (it was just released in March, and some specs are still pending from HUD).

  • 2020 System Performance Measures Report - will be released by HUD in the Fall of 2020, and we will have it ready shortly after release.