The Community Information Exchange (CIE) is a community information hub, capable of connecting all your community's apps and legacy systems, into a unified client/customer view. 

CIE Features:

  • The only open source Community Information Exchange
  • APIs for looking up, and adding client records, using the various apps in your community
  • Master Person Index - we've embedded an open source enterprise Master Patient Index (MPI) for:
    • client unduplication,
    • keeping track of source system client IDs, and
    • manually merging and unmerging of client records.

Community Data Exchange (CDEx) Basic Overview Graphic

figure 1: client IDs across the Community Data Exchange
  • A Golden View which shows a "snapshot" of a client's latest activity across the many areas of the system  (HMIS, coordinated housing entry, etc., behavioral healthcare).  

Golden View

figure 2: Golden View update notification mechanism, from many sources
  • HIPAA compliant logging and Business Associate Agreement tracking
  • Cloud hosted within a Virtual Private Cloud
  • Tracking of source system IDs for reverse client look-ups
  • A push notification system, for real-time communication between community apps.


figure 3: Publish/Subscribe push notification system allowing 3rd party apps to listen for client record updates