Care coordination platforms should be flexible enough to work with any community and software ... and not dictate that everyone use the same software to coordinate.

  • HSLynk is built with data sharing as a core function. 
  • HSLynk is a data-centric human services warehouse and app platform.


Your data stays put.  Apps that access the data come and go as you wish.  No more migrating and losing data, to switch to better apps.


Use HSLynk as a stand alone system, or in conjunction with other clinical, care coordination, and case management systems already in place.

A care coordination engine that powers better and more efficient care

Any company that claims to empower care coordination, or connect health and social services providers, should be flexible enough to work with other communities and software.

HSLynk is both:

  • an open source community of practice, and

HSLynk is entirely different than other community exchange, HMIS, human services, and CES systems. 

  • We do not require everyone in the care network to exclusively use a designated care coordination platform in order to power the data exchange.
  • At its foundation, HSLynk is specifically designed to integrate data with external 3rd party software with comprehensive APIs.
  • We support any reporting tool.
  • We support 3rd party and community home-grown "trusted" apps.

If better care coordination is the end goal, doesn't it make sense that the solution and company you choose, work with other systems? HSLynk’s open source data warehouse was built specifically to do that. Unlike other software solutions, our platform is engineered to work with any system that uses open source APIs to share data.

Discover what makes HSLynk’s data warehouse platform different, and better.


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Has your organization ever wanted?

  • Real time reporting off of a single source of truth
  • To securely exchange data with other Human Services organizations in real time
  • Coordinate your client care with other organization
  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Own the data you gather and share it as you design
  • Build applications to create solutions you design and drive

The HSLynk open source data exchange and reporting platform has the solution for these challenges.  We offer new flexible options to resolve the issues plaguing health and human services organization.

  • Use your current technology to upload data to HSLynk
  • Use our free built-in reports or create your own with your own tools
  • Add new schemas for new funding streams or projects
  • Collaborate and securely exchange data with other authorized organization through our APIs
  • Build apps to suit your needs or partner with one of our current app partners
  • It is your data, you set-up the access levels and sharing parameters

Status quo without HSLynk: organizations using siloed, proprietary, slow, opaque, costly, and inflexible technology.


The future, with HSLynk’s data sharing platform model