How open source HSLynk's Community Data Exchange (CDEx) aligns with the San Diego Community Information Exchange's design principles

May 24, 2019

Since 2014, the HSLynk open source data sharing framework has independently been working on a very similar project to ConnectWell San Diego. Luckily, going through the principles and model overview listed for ConnectWell’s Information Sharing Model document, there is almost complete principle alignment, with a few minor differences.

New Feature: You Can Better Control Access to Client Records with HSLynk's new Project/Role APIs

Apr 15, 2019

We now have finer grained control of which user roles, working at which other departments or even outside agencies, are allowed access your client data.

HSLynk now can store RDF or JSON-LD

Mar 10, 2019

Get A Free HSLynk Developer Trusted App Account

Feb 26, 2019

If you are a software at a public/nonprofit agency integrating HSLynk with your legacy system, or a software vendor building human services apps, you'll need a Trusted App account. Here's a run-through of the automated portal for obtaining one.

High usage tiered pricing now available in HSLynk

Jan 16, 2019

Are you worried about what will happen to you HSLynk bill when you increase your number of records and API calls by a large order of magnitude? Well, we have you covered, by dramatically lowering prices when you reach certain API and record usage cut-off levels, during any given month.

HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) Report APIs now in HSLynk

Jan 08, 2019

The Open Source HSLynk Platform as a Service (PaaS) can now run the arguably most important management report for HMIS: the HUD HMIS Annual Performance Report. And this APR report is far more flexible than our competitors' offerings. Read below to see why.

HSLynk presented at the 2018 Florida Institute on Homelessness and Supportive Housing

Nov 05, 2018

Our topic was "An Open Source Statewide Data Warehouse: Existing Software, Necessary Functionality, and Required Policies". The audience was enthusiastic, which shows great promise for regional or statewide warehouses, and for open source HMIS/CES in general.

HSLynk data warehouse is ready for service!

Oct 18, 2017

An Open Source Big Data Warehouse for HMIS and Coordinated Entry (CES/CAHPS), with APIs for external app connectivity is operational. We also have our first 3rd party app: the HOME App!

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