We just rolled out two features: 1) users can group projects in many flexible ways. This allows for regional or funding source based information sharing, even across customers. It is much more flexible than simple project hierarchical levels you may see in other human services software. 2) the ability for app users to retrieve older responses to Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) questions
Archive Retrieval

Suppose you want to see all the previous enrollments for a client, not just the latest.  Your app would use the API (color blue) below.  This works for any version of the HUD Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Data Standards, versions 2014-2020, and for any HMIS data element within them.  So it's for project and organization information, as well as client info.

Illustrates the method signature of a history API as shown in Swagger.

Check out examples of the APIs for this feature.  As an aside, our Survey/Assessment and Coordinated Housing Entry APIs have always had past submission retrieval features, so this new archival capability is just for Homeless Management Information System APIs.

Project Subgroups

Okay, we saved the best for last, and this feature is a bigger deal. Have you ever wanted the ability to flexibly group your projects into organizations or initiatives?  Like, group an initiative together and then share it only to two organizations?  Or share only programs with a certain funding stream across organizations?  Or share the same organization or initiative across customer accounts and regions?  Well, you can do this now with HSLynk.  Here are some examples:

Examples of the flexibility of project subgroups.

Check out the API for project subgroups.  In the near future, we will the even more powerful ability to nest one subgroup inside another.