We now have finer grained control of which user roles, working at which other departments or even outside agencies, are allowed access your client data.

Data sharing within HSLynk, and with apps connected to it, just got more flexible.  Now, you can restrict edit and read access to specific roles, and to specific groups of projects.  These roles and projects can even be ones not within your customer account; they could be within another customer's account!  Client consent rules are still overlaid on top of these sharing rules.

This really gives community health and human services organizations a lot of flexibility in how open/closed or in-between, they want to make their sharing amongst the various apps within the community.  Other products force you to all use their system entirely to achieve this level of flexibility, and lock-in like was never considered acceptable by communities.

So, for example, now you can allow users in another department with the role "case worker" to edit or view records in your department.  Now, if the other department happens to exist within a separate customer account, you can allow that also.

The API document is located here: