The Open Source HSLynk Platform as a Service (PaaS) can now run the arguably most important management report for HMIS: the HUD HMIS Annual Performance Report. And this APR report is far more flexible than our competitors' offerings. Read below to see why.

The open source HSLynk APR Report is different than any other HMIS vendor system's canned report offering, because it can be accessed by apps using an API call. It responds with an optional APR CSV file for HUD Sage upload and an optional human readable PDF file.

APR Report API Docs

So now, you can put a button in your app to "Generate APR Report" and the user can receive the report asynchronously.


You can also request the report via user interface within our Admin web page.


Here is the report in queue in the admin interface: 



Here is a screenshot of a sample APR PDF report:


Here is the report after the CSV file has been uploaded to Sage: