When HSLynk automatically matches client records, sometimes you may disagree with that match. These new APIs let you alter the match.

You can undo client matches using HSLynk’s new merge and unmerge APIs and web user interface. This is very powerful, since it allows users in other apps to update and maintain a community’s master person index.

Here is an example request for the client merge API.


Here is a screenshot of the unmerge user interface in the Admin App.  It uses the unmerge API “under the hood”.


And the subsequent confirmation screen that appears after "UnMerge Client" is clicked:


Read more about how this feature works at https://github.com/servinglynk/hslynk-open-source-docs/wiki/Client-Merge-and-Unmerge-in-HSLynk .

APR Report Notifications and Cloud Download

In another development, the HUD HMIS APR report in HSLynk just got a new feature.  Now, after you have requested the report (either with the APIs or using the Admin App web interface), you will receive an email with a link to the cloud location.    


Alternatively here is a sample response from the report link retrieval  APIs.  Requesting this API call...


...leads to:


If you are in the HSLynk Admin web interface, you may download the CSV ZIP file and PDF report, as shown below.


Or, you can use the "id" in the API response above, and get it that way.


Thank you for following HSLynk's march to becoming a full-featured Community Information Exchange and HMIS; one that is far more flexible than any that exists.  Next article, we will reveal our full HMIS completion schedule.