Database schema-free connected data, like RDF/JSON-LD (JSON linked data), is great for making your data portable and world-readable. Client level health and human services data can take advantage of this portable data, if surrounded by a secure authorization layer. And, de-duping it with a master patient index makes it great for warehousing from numerous sources in your community.

To add RESTful APIs to access this Linked Data, HSLynk has:

  • taken the Apache Marmotta platform,

  • surrounded it within the HSLynk virtual private cloud and authorization layers, and

  • connected it our existing global client master patient index (further architectural information here).

A similar tool to Marmotta is Tim Berners-Lee's new Solid Project, and the two systems should be able to communicate. To get you started in the domain of human services, we've written a how-to for creating cases and posted links to various linked open vocabularies: case management, service transactions, and services.

case vocabulary