An Open Source Big Data Warehouse for HMIS and Coordinated Entry (CES/CAHPS), with APIs for external app connectivity is operational. We also have our first 3rd party app: the HOME App!

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The first app, "HOME App" (imbedded link opens to a Coordinated Entry and Survey Assessment tool, by the CTA Group

HSLynk also has connected to it a private Big Data "Data Mart" to which you can connect ODBC reporting tools like Tableau, Crystal Reports, etc..


ServingLynk provides hosting for HSLynk  (imbedded link opens to "other services page" of NEW servinglynk website , if you wish to have the best hosting experience. 


More details:

The open source (imbedded link opens to - ) data warehouse is built upon separate operational (PostgreSQL) and reporting databases (Apache Hadoop + HBase). The operational database stores and retrieves data via the mobile and bulk APIs(for HMIS CSV and XML). The operational database tracks each HMIS Data Standard version separately, linked via a deduped global client ID. The reporting database gets a synced copy of the operational data as restricted views, accessible to reporting tools via Hive, ODBC, etc.. Both APIs and reporting have OAuth2, access control, and other available security controls. The API implementations are all Java microservices hosted on Amazon (EC2, S3) and Cloudera (for the multi-zone production Hadoop). An  (imbedded link opens to - ) master patient index runs as a separate Java microservice on Amazon EC2 instances, to provide unduplication and matching.