HSLynk just got a power-up! Client search is almost twice as fast as before.

Aug 30, 2020

The open source Elasticsearch is being brought into many areas of HSLynk, to speed it up under load. First, we have added Elasticsearch to our web client search APIs.

HSLynk at the 2020 Virtual MiHIN Health InterOpathon

Jun 05, 2020

We supported a Social Determinants of Health Housing Insecurity Track at the InterOpathon

HSLynk is part of a MiHIN Social Determinants of Health InterOpathon

May 19, 2020

Under the National Interoperability Collaborative's Project Unify banner, open source HSLynk will be a test human services server during Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) upcoming Virtual InterOpathon, May 28/29, 2020.

Build survey apps for human services and Homeless Management Information Systems

Apr 14, 2020

Using open APIs, your development time is cut dramatically. HSLynk does all the back end processing. You just make the app front end.

2020 HUD Homeless Management Information System Annual Performance Report update now in HSLynk

Mar 30, 2020

The 2020 HUD Homeless Management Information System updates are now programmed into HSLynk. Generate an APR with your own app using our APIs, or just use our Admin App, to manually generate the APR report CSV files download. You can then upload that set of files into HUD's Sage system, to validate the files and view the report.

Homeless Management Information System CSV download APIs and user interface

Jan 14, 2020

HSLynk has always had APIs for fetching data, record by record. This new feature is for bulk downloading large date ranges of data, in a Dept. of Housing and Urban Development standard format.

2 powerful new features added to HSLynk: human service project grouping and archival records APIs

Dec 06, 2019

We just rolled out two features: 1) users can group projects in many flexible ways. This allows for regional or funding source based information sharing, even across customers. It is much more flexible than simple project hierarchical levels you may see in other human services software. 2) the ability for app users to retrieve older responses to Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) questions

Creating Tableau reports while connected to HSLynk's Big Data Warehouse

Oct 29, 2019

A quick video showing how it looks to access our Big Data Warehouse to create reports. This video uses Tableau, since it is popular, but Power BI, R-Shiny, and other popular tools work just as well.

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