Key Benefit 

Your data stays under your community's control and ownership.  Apps may be added and removed, as your community chooses.   This ends the cycle of migrating data to a new app, which is like the "tail wagging the dog".

Hosted Features

  • Virtual Private Cloud - Puts a wall around your running open source code
  • Enterprise platform: redundant, distributed, secure
  • 24/7 API status monitoring and API support for 3rd party applications and push notifications  
  • Far lower shared host costs than if each site hosted their own.  See pricing
  • Custom consulting available for additional features
  • All customers benefit from open source enhancements provided for one customer (no double-billing of customers for adding the same feature)

Open Source Code Features

  • No need to migrate data.  Your community can keep running the code forever.  The code is provided under the Mozilla Public License v2 (in short, use freely, but you must share back enhancements).  Of course, you can easily export/migrate the data if you wish.
  • Microservices architecture (a type of Service Oriented Architecture, but with smaller independent subsystems for each new functionality)
  • HMIS-specific features
  • CES specific features
  • Big Data for fast reporting off massive data sets, which doesn't slow the regular database
  • Information and Referral Specific Features *coming soon*